How We Turned Shrestha Hotel from a Tourist Trap to a Local Favorite

How We Turned Shrestha Hotel from a Tourist Trap to a Local Favorite
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If you are willing to learn How We Helped Shrestha Hotel Rebrand Online and Attract Guests Seeking Authentic Experiences. Then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss how we turned Shrestha Hotel from a tourist trap to a local favorite.

In the heart of Kawasoti city, Shrestha Hotel, a family-run establishment with a rich history was facing many challenges. When I visit the hotel the owner tells me the problems that they are facing. After a long time of discussion, we concluded and found its online presence failed to capture its unique charm and local connection. This resulted in a decline in hotel bookings, primarily from tourists seeking generic hotel experiences.

Then I want to help Shrestha Hotel revitalize its online image and attract travelers seeking a more authentic and culturally immersive. Then, the hotel owner was ready to experiment with my strategy. So, here we start to work to help Shrestha Hotel shift from a tourist trap to a beloved local visitor.

So, let’s get started on how we can help Shrestha Hotel grow online using different digital marketing strategies.


1. Lack of local connection

Shrestha Hotel failed to resonate with the local community. This is the main challenge for us to solve. In the same way, the menu and ambiance of the hotel lacked elements of Nepali culture and identity.

2. Generic Tourist Experience

Similarly, another challenge that we analyze is the lack of a Generic tourist experience. The Shrestha Hotel offered a standardized expertise similar to that of its competitors. This led to failing to stand out in the competitive market.

3. Declining Revenue

The revenue of the Shrestha Hotel has continuously declined over the period. This is due to the lack of local customers and repeat clientele the Shrestha Hotel revenue was steadily declining.

Strategies Implemented

To solve the problem of the Shrestha Hotel our team made strategies to grow this hotel. Here are some of the strategies that we implement:

1. Revamping the Menu

Revamping the menu

The menu of the Shrestha Hotel was not good. We add the local Nepali dishes with some popular tourist dishes. In this way, the menu is filled with many Nepali dishes with popular tourist dishes. This allowed tourists to experience the Nepali Flavors dishes along with their own popular food items.

2. Local Partnerships

Local partnership

Local partnerships are another strategy to take Shrestha Hotel to the next step. We request hotel owners to collaborate with local farmers and artisans. This ensured fresh, local sources ingredients and incorporation of Nepali handicrafts into the hotel’s decor.

3. Community engagement

Community engagement in hotel

In the same way, We encourage the hotel owner to include events like local music, dance, and cultural performances in the hotel. This fostered a connection with the local community and created a welcoming nature for the tourists who are interested in authentic Nepali culture.

4. Staff Training

Staff trainging

Most of the staff of the Shrestha Hotel faced the problem of communicating with the tourists. We advise the hotel owner to conduct important classes and training to communicate with the tourists and other local customers in a good way. The training and classes helped a lot of staff to interact with guests in a friendly and informative manner, This personalized service in the Shrestha Hotel improved the guest experience.

5. Social media marekting

Social media marketing for shrestha hotel

Our Main work starts here with social media marketing. Shrestha Hotel is not on any of the social media platforms. We made attractive and fully optimized social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

We add an attractive logo with cover photos on Shrestha Hotel’s social media profiles. Then we start to add videos and photos of Shrestha Hotel on social media. We run the social media campaigns. We made a good video of the hotel including their services, food items, and so on. This helps a lot to attract local customers as well as tourists to the Shrestha hotel.

We continuously worked on social media to showcase the local connections, cultural events, and menu offerings. This strategy played a big role in targeting both local people as well as tourists interested in a unique experience.

6. Local SEO

power of local seo for shrestha hotel

In the same way, Our team listed the Shrestha Hotel in the Google business profile. We had done all SEO processes and made it good. This led to big achievements for the Shrestha Hotel. When people find the best hotel near me then Shrestha hotel comes at first.

Similarly, tourists who are searching for the best hotel to experience with Nepali flavors and culture found Shrestha Hotel int the top of the Google search. The local SEO helps a lot for Shrestha Hotel to beat its competitors as well as attract many local customers with many tourists.


We do a lot of things to take Shrestha Hotel to the next level. Here are the results that come within the 3 months of the working on above strategies:

1. Increased Local customers

Increased local customers

By implementing the above strategies like a local partnership, community collaboration, Local SEO, and social media marketing we are able to increase local customers to Shrestha Hotel. In the same way, People get better services and experiences which helps to increase repeat customers.

2. Improved Tourist Experience

Improving tourist experience

Similarly, Another big achievement for us is to improve the tourist experience. By giving training to staff, adding local Nepali dishes to the Menu helps a lot to increase the tourist attraction. Now, Shrestha Hotel is full of many tourist customers who want to experience Nepali food as well as Nepali culture. This all helps a lot for Shrestha Hotel and leads to positive reviews and recommendations.

3. Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth of Shrestha Hotel

Aboushly, when local customers increased as well as tourist attraction increased in hotels led to an increase in revenue. Now, Shrestha Hotel earned revenue 5 times more than the 3 months ago. Similarly, customers are constantly increasing rate which means high customers have higher revenue.

4. Community Integration

Community Integration

In the same way, Shrestha Hotel became a hub for culture exchange, fostering a good relationship between the hotel and the local community. The main point is that Shrestha Hotel is not only earning revenue Local people also get a chance to get earn revenue with this hotel. These things became profitable for both Shrestha Hotel as well as the local community.

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Overall our strategy works best for Shrestha Hotel. The main thing we need to consider is that only digital marketing activities can give success to the business. Digital marketing plays an important role in standing out online but other things also need to be considered to achieve success.

If we do only digital marketing activities for Shrestha hotel the result would not be good overall. We consider and recommend the owner to do many things outside digital marketing such as changing the menu items, collaborating with local people, staff training, and many more. Without these activities, we would not be able to achieve the big result.

For long-term success, it is very important to consider the outside things with digital marketing. If we do only social media marketing and local SEO in the beginning it gives good results but it can harm the business for the long term. Local people and tourists come once and then they will near come to his hotel again.

Overall we do the best for the Shrestha hotel. Local customers have increased, tourist attractions have increased, and positive reviews have helped the growth of Shrestha Hotel a lot. This shows the importance of understanding and catering to the local market. By embracing local culture and forging a connection with the community, The Shrestha Hotel was able to establish itself as a local favorite place. Similarly, The hotel was able to attract tourists who are seeking an authentic experience.

This case study shows the importance of digital marketing and the outside of digital marketing for businesses that want to grow in the long term. Using digital marketing to improve the business structure, and features and add more value for the customers helps Shrestha Hotel to succeed.

In this way, we Turned Shrestha Hotel from a Tourist Trap to a Local Favorite.

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