2024’s Best Email Marketing Tools: Our Top 7 Picks

7 best email marketing tools for 2024
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For businesses of all sizes, email marketing can be one of the best and most powerful tools for their growth. It is possible to connect directly with your customers, nurture leads, and drive sales with effective email marketingThe main question is so many email marketing tools are available how to choose the right one? Don’t worry in this blog post we will discuss the 7 best email marketing tools for 2024.

In the end, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Whether you are a business owner, marketer or just starting out we will help you to discover the key features, benefits, and pricing of each email marketing platform.

The power of Email marketing

Can you imagine that even with the rise of social media platforms and other marketing tools, why email marketing continues to be a highly effective way to reach your target audience? There are some reasons email marketing remains a constant here’s why:

  • High ROI: As compared to the other marketing tools and channels email marketing provides one of the highest returns on investment (ROI).
  • Personalization: Similarly, email marketing allows for personalization, it helps to segment your audience and send targeted messages that fit with their interests.
  • Direct connection: In the same way, Email marketing is very helpful for direct connection. When you send an email it lands directly in your audience’s email inbox. This gives them many advantages as compared to crowded social media feeds and getting their attention.
  • Relationship Building: Effective and regular email communication with your audiences helps to maintain good relationships and it also helps to increase trust and brand loyalty.
  • Measurable Results: In email marketing, it is possible to measure your activities and results. These email marketing tools provide analytics and help you to track metrics such as open state, click-through rate, unsubscribe rates, and so on.

As compared to other marketing tools and channels, email marketing provides a special combination of reach, cost-effectiveness, measurability, and personalization. All of these features make the email marketing best and most powerful for businesses to connect with their audience and ultimately help to drive sales.

Choosing the Right Tool

Before we dive into the topic of the top 7 best email marketing tools, it is necessary to consider some knowledge to choose the best for your email marketing needs. I am going to tell you special key factors that you will need to consider while selecting the best email marketing tools they are:

  • User-friendly: While choosing the best email marketing tools you will need to consider whether the platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Can you use this tool to create a beautiful email campaign without needing any degree?
  • Automation Capabilities: Does the email marketing tool allow you to automate your email sequences like welcome emails or birthday wish reminders?
  • Design Features: Does the platform you choose offer an easy design process with a variety of pre-designed templates to make professional-looking emails?
  • Integrations: Does the tool you choose provide integration features with other platforms you use such as your website?
  • Analytics: Can you track important metrics like click-through rate, open rate, unsubscribed and so on to measure your email marketing campaign success?
  • Budget: Does the tool you choose match with your budget? Many email marketing tools offer limited free, freemium plans and tiered pricing plans.

So, Let’s dive into the topic and explore the best email marketing champions!

Top 7 Best Email Marketing Champions Tools

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp best email marketing tools
Mailchimp’s best email marketing tools

Our first champion of the best email marketing tools goes to Mailchimp. I use Mailchimp for email marketing. Even though first I used other tools Mailchimp is different from others. It provides better services than other tools.

Mailchimp helps me a lot to get more clicks, open, and drive sales. This email marketing tool provides a user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of features. In the same way, you will get a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers which can help a lot for small businesses that have fewer email lists. You can start with free plans, it helps you a lot, and then you can buy a paid plan to gain more results and target wide audiences.

Similarly, Mailchimp provides drag-and-drop editors that can help you create professional-looking emails. Similarly, you can create email with their generative AI which helps you a lot to save time and money. It provides many other features like automation features, good analytics, and reporting tools, and integrates with many popular platforms

It is necessary to consider its free plan has some limitations and features become more expensive with higher subscriber counts. Paid plans start with 20 $ per month.

Website: MailChimp

What are the pros and cons of Mailchimp?

pros: Free plan available, drag and drop editor, marketing automation features, user friendly, and so on.

Cons: Limited features on the free plan and pricing increases with the growth of the subscriber list.

2. MailerLite

Mailer another popular email marketing tool
Mailer for email marketing

In the same way, another best and most powerful email marketing tool is MailerLite. This tool provides the best and most unique features like other email marketing platforms. It provides outstanding services as compared to other remaining email marketing tools.

MalierLite has the best user-friendly interface and provides a wide range of services like Mailchimp. It also has drag-and-drop editors which helps a lot to customize your template like a pro. This tool provides many templates like landing pages, popups, websites, newsletters,s and many more.

In the same way, It provides the integration features. You can Integrate this tool with your WordPress, Shopify, canva, Stripe, Woocommerce, and many more. For small businesses, this tool provides a lot of services that can help to get big success in email marketing campaigns.

It provides many paid plans but you will get the free plan. You can use the free plan of this tool, you can send 12000 monthly emails to up to 1000 subscribers. If you want more features and services you can take paid plans which start at 9 $ per month.

Website: MailerLite

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign automate your email markeitng campaign
Automate your Email marketing campaigns

In the same way, ActiveCampaign is another best email marketing tool. This tool is popular for its powerful automation capabilities. This email marketing tool is best for businesses that are looking to create personalized and targeted email campaigns.

ActiveCampaign provides different email marketing features and services like other marketing tools. It provides advanced features like lead scoring and segmentation. Like others tool it also has integration features. You can connect more than 900+ of your marketing tools like WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, woo-commerce Instagram, Metaads, Google Sheets, and many more.

Similarly, ActiveCampaign is useful for all kinds of businesses and brands. You will get many features according to your industry. Similarly, you can take paid basic plans which start at 15 $ per month.

Website: ActiveCampaign

4. Constant Contact

Best email marketing tool for small businesses
Best email marketing tool for small businesses

Another best email marketing tool on our list is constant contact. This email marketing platform is known for its powerful automation. In this email marketing tool, you can get the best user-friendly interface.

In the same way, this tool is suitable for beginners and small businesses. You will get a wide range of features and services in this tool which helps you to automate your email marketing campaign. In this email marketing tool, you will get a website builder with other email marketing features. You will get many powerful features like integration, AI content recommendation, drag-and-drop email templates, brand kits, and so on.

Similarly, the main thing is that you can send the automated welcome email, resend to non-openers, customer automation path, and so on. You will get the best analytics and reporting features in constant Contact. It provides revenue reporting, SEO recommendations, and many more. Like other email marketing tools, it also offers a wide range of features that definitely help to achieve success while running an email marketing campaign using this tool.

The main thing about this tool is that the price depends on the number of contacts. You can take the basic plan of this tool at 12 $ per month.

Website: Constant Contact

5. GetResponse

Best email marketing tool for you according to your needs
Budget-friendly tool

In the same way, the fifth best email marketing platform goes to GetResponse. This tool can be a well-rounded option for you. Like other email marketing tools, this tool also provides a good balance of features.

The user interface of this tool is easy to use and provides services at an affordable price. It provides integration features for up to 170+ popular platforms. The main thing about this tool is pricing based on your needs. It means You can get many features according to your contact list, needs, and budget. Similarly, you will get features like an AI email generator, an AI campaign generator, and many more.

Similarly, It also provides email templates and helps you to create a professional email. You will get drag-and-drop editing features and a website builder. You can create landing pages, signup forms, popups, and many more. This platform offers the best analytics and reporting tool which provides relevant data and insights. With a wide range of features, this tool will definitely help you to automate your email campaign in a better way.

You can check this tool by taking their free trial. The basic paid plans start at 15.6 $ per month.

Website: GetResponse

Disclaimer: The price in this blog post may vary due to the number of contact lists, discounts, offers, etc.

6. Drip

Best tool for e-commerce business
Best tool for e-commerce business

Another powerful marketing automation tool is Drip. This tool provides the best user-friendly interface so you can run your email marketing campaign easily. You can get many great services at affordable prices.

Similarly, Like other email marketing tools, you will get drag-and-drop editors which can help a lot to automate daily marketing tasks. The main point is this tool is specifically tailored to e-commerce businesses. This tool focuses on driving sales through automated email campaigns. It also provides integration features with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, bigcommers, and custom stores.

This email marketing platform allows targeted messaging based on customer behavior. In the same way, you can find that the pricing structure of this email marketing is based on the size of the email list that you have and send volume that you want to send. So, for e-commerce businesses, this tool provides lots and features that definitely help you to achieve success in your email marketing campaigns.

Website: Drip

7. Moosend

Budget friendly email markeitng tool
Budget-friendly email marketing tool

Last but not least email marketing tool is Moosend. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with a wide range of free plans then Moosend is the perfect tool for you. This tool is popular for its easy interface and powerful automation platform.

In the same way, You will get a lot of features like drag and drop newsletter editor, subject line A/B testing, AI subject line and content optimizer, list segmentation, and so on. Similarly, it also provides top features like premade automation templates, visual workflow builder, website activity tracking, user action tracking, and holistic reporting.

You will get good live customer support, and many integration features for CRM, WordPress, Zapier, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more. You will get 6+ form types, editable forms, anti-bot protection, and many more. For businesses who are looking for an affordable price with solid features set then, this email marketing tool can be a great choice.

You can take a free trial for 30 days before purchasing the paid plans. You can take paid plans which start at 7 $ per month with 0 to 500 subscribers. For more, You can take their other plans for a huge email list and other features.

Website: Moosend

Let’s see the Comparison Chart which can help you to find the Best email marketing tools

FeatureMailchimpMailerLiteActiveCampaignConstant ContactGetResponseDripMoosend
Ease of UseHighHighModerateHighHighHighHigh
Design FeaturesGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood
IntegrationsManyManyManyManyManyE-commerce focusMany
Free PlanUp to 2,000 subscribersUp to 1,000 subscribersLimitedLimitedUp to 500 subscribersLimitedUp to 1,000 subscribers
PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based PricingPlan-Based Pricing
StrengthsUser-friendly, good starting pointAffordable, user-friendlyPowerful automationEasy to use, website builderAll-in-one marketing solutionEcommerce focusBudget-friendly
Comparison chart of email marketing platforms

Disclaimer: All the data in the comparison table is based on my experience and online sources. The information in this comparison table is accurate as of 7/10/2024. Data is compiled from official sources of the respective email marketing tools and other reputable platforms. We strive to keep information up-to-date, but please refer to the tool website for the latest pricing and features.

You May also like to ask

Isn’t email marketing dead in the age of social media?

The answer is not! Email marketing is not dead in the age of social media because email marketing gives higher ROI ( Return on Investment) compared to most social media platforms. Email marketing allows for direct communication, and personalization and provides measurable results and insights. These features make email marketing a powerful tool for brands and businesses of all sizes.

What are the major benefits of using email marketing tools?

The major benefits of using email-making tools include easy email creation with AI, automation capabilities, advanced analytics, simplified subscriber management, integration, and many more.

How much does an email marketing tool cost?

The cost of email marketing tools depends upon the platform and features you choose. Many email marketing platform provides freemium plans with limited features while paid plans offer many features and subscriber capacity. It is important to consider your budget and requirements while selecting a tool.

I’m a complete beginner. What email marketing tool is easiest to use?

If you are a beginner there are several user-friendly platforms such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and GetResponse (with its free plan). You will get a good interface and drag-and-drop editors along with many features in these email marketing tools. These can definitely help to create and send professional-looking emails.

What features should I look for in an e-commerce business in the email marketing tool?

For e-commerce businesses, it is necessary to consider email marketing tool features like abandoned cart recovery emails, product recommendations, and segmentation based on purchase history. Platforms like Drip specialize in e-commerce and offer these features seamlessly.

Is there a good email marketing tool for bloggers?

Yes, ConvertKit is a great email marketing tool for bloggers and creators. This tool focuses on subscriber management and tag-based segmentation. Similarly, this tool allows you to categorize subscribers based on your audience interests and deliver targeted content.

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Here are some additional tips and tricks for choosing the right tool

  • Start with your goals: What is your goal and what do you want to achieve with email marketing? Do you want leads, build brand awareness, or drive sales? Once you find your goals and objectives you can choose the best tool with features that match your goals and objectives.
  • Consider your subscriber list and send volume: The pricing structure differs based on the number of subscribers and send volume that you have and want to send. If you are just starting out, take a free plan or free trial which might be a good option for you.
  • Think about stability: Similarly, As your brand or business grows, it is necessary to consider if your email marketing tool can scale with you and accommodate an increasing subscriber list and send volume.


We discussed the best email marketing tools and software for 2024 with their unique features, pricing, services, and many more. It is necessary to consider that the perfect email marketing tool depends on your specific needs and budget.

We have discussed high-budget email marketing tools with budget-friendly tools. These all tools have their own unique feature and abilities. So, You will need to consider the factors we discussed, and explore the strengths and weaknesses of each platform mentioned.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of free plans and free trials to see which one feels most suitable and effective for you to achieve your email marketing goals.

So, by carefully considering your needs and requirements and exploring the available tools, you can find the perfect email marketing tool that helps you to connect with your audiences and ultimately helps you to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals.

Bonus Tip: Once You have chosen your best tool, don’t forget to take advantage of the educational resources and tutorials offered by most tools. This will benefit you to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

I hope this blog post will help you in your search for the best email marketing tool and software for your business.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this topic best email marketing tools then don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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