10 best marketing AI tools that you will need to know in 2024

10 best marketing AI tools that you will need to know in 2024
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing marketing landscape? You are not alone. In today’s data-driven world, it is challenging to upgrade up with the latest trends and technologies. Don’t worry! AI marketing tools are here that will help to revolutionize the way you approach your campaigns.

The Internet is full of AI words. AI technology is rapidly increasing in every sector. Many companies come to the race for AI technology advancement. AI can write for us, it can generate audio, video, and graphics. In the same way, AI can perform tasks like humans. At this time many companies use AI technology for advancement. AI technology has been widely started to used form social media, search engines, applications, websites, and so on.

I am going to tell you the best and most powerful marketing AI tools that can help you a lot from automating tasks to analyzing data, and personal experiences for your users at scale. Think about crafting captivating cop in seconds, optimizing your ad spend across channels, or delivering hyper-targeted messages to your website visitors. These possibilities and more become a reality with the utilization of AI marketing tools.

So, how do you choose the right AI marketing tool for success? Look no further! we have compiled a list of the top 10 AI marketing tools to supercharge your campaigns in 2024.

Here are the top 10 AI marketing tools that can be game changer for you in 2024

1. ChatGpt

Chatgpt best AI digital marketing tools
GPT best AI digital marketing tools

ChatGpt is a very powerful AI digital marketing tool. It is an advanced AI language model built by OpenAI. This tool can help you to generate human-like text based on the input that you give. In the same way, this tool has the capability to answer questions and gives results in a simple way which helps to understand.

It can provide explanations, generate creative content, assist you with technical problems, and so on. ChatGPT is the best AI digital marketing tool that can help with a variety of topics. You can generate images, emails, ad copy, ideas, codes, and many more. You can use this tool to foster your workflow.

Website: ChatGpt

2. Jasper

Jasper best marketing tool
Jasper’s best marketing tool

Jasper is a powerful AI marketing tool that can be a game for you in 2024. In the same way, It is widely popular for crafting captivating copy for any marketing need. It will help you to create highly valuable and engaging content for your landing pages, social media, website, email campaigns, AD copy, and many more.

Jasper is a powerful tool that leverages AI to personalize your content based on audience demographics and interests. It has many features that can be very helpful to generate humanize and engaging content.

Website: jasper.com

3. CopyAI

Copy.ai best marketing tools

Similarly, CopyAI is another popular and powerful Digital marketing tool that can help you a lot. It is another AI writing superstar. CopyAI can helps you overcome writer’s block and generate creative marketing copy in different formats.

By using this tool you can generate copy for your website, social media, emails, blog content, and many more. So, Copy AI is a powerful tool that can be the game changer for you in 2024.

Website: Copy.ai

4. Grammarly

Grammarly for writing

Similarly, Grammarly is a popular digital marketing tool that can help you a lot in the process of content creation. Grammarly helps you to ensure your personalized content is polished and error-free. It helps to maintain a professional brand image with Grammarly’s grammar and plagiarism-checking features.

This tool definitely helps you a lot from checking grammar errors, paraphrasing the sentences, rewriting sentences, and many more. By utilizing this tool you can make high-quality and engaging as well; as error-free content.

Website: Grammarly.com

5. AutopilotHQ

AutopilotHQ for digital marketing

It is another useful as well as the best digital marketing tool that you will need to know in 2024. AutopilotHQ helps you to streamline your marketing automation. It helps you to personalize email marketing campaigns with dynamic content trigger-based automation for a more relevant customer journey.

So, talk with your customer using autopilothq in an engaging way. It can be easily integrated with many applications like Facebook, Google AdWords, and so on to understand and engage your customers. With this tool, you can automate repetitive tasks between apps.

Website: AutopilotHQ

6. Namelix

In the same way, Another popular AI digital marketing tool is Namelix. It helps to generate your business name with the help of AI. This tool helps you to generate a short, brandable business name using AI.

For new businesses, this tool is helpful in choosing the best business name. In 2024 many startups like to choose a short, branded name that is unique, memorable, and affordable.

Website: Namelix

7. Brand24

Brand24 is a popular tool for tracks all public sources like social news, forums, podcasts, reviews, blogs and so on. With this tool, you can monitor + 25 million online sources in real-time.

By using this tool you can discover customer insights, protect your brand reputation, and analyze your competitors. This tool provides a wide range of features like tracking reach, measures awareness, automated reporting and so on.

Website: Brand24

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Design.AI is very popular AI tool if you are looking to make logos, banners, videos, mockups, and so on within a minute. . Design.AI can help you create videos, logos, banners, and mockups in about two minutes. 

In the same way, it provides many features like AI chat, face swapper, image maker, speech maker, AI writer, and many more. So, it is the best AI digital marketing tool for every type of content creator

Website: design.ai

9. HubSpot

hubspot AI markeitng tools

Similarly, the Next best marketing AI tool is Hubspot. It is a software company that offers a wide range of services to businesses. It is a powerful platform for businesses to manage their sales, marketing, customer service activities and many more.

Similarly, their software is popular and known for being user-friendly and offers a free tier to get started. It also provides educational resources to help businesses to grow.

Website: HubSpot

10. Canva

AI markeitng tools

Last but not least our tenth-best AI digital marketing tool is canva. Canva offers a wide range of features with AI integration streamlines the design process. This tool also boasts AI-powered image and video generation. You can make design simply by giving a prompts. You can share your design to multiple platforms from this tool.

This tool is very popular design tool however we include it in the the list of best AI digital marketing tools because you can create high-quality, attention-grabbing making materials in minutes, even if you don’t have any design expertise. So with AI-powered design features canva can be a valuable tool for creating impactful and engaging marketing visuals.

Website: canva


What are the best AI marketing tools in 2024?

Some of the best AI marketing tools in 2024 are:
Marketing automation: AutopilotHQ
Business name generation: Namelix
Social media listening: Brand24
Design automation: Designs.AI
All-in-one marketing platform: HubSpot
User-friendly design with AI: Canva

How can AI help with marketing?

AI can help you with many tasks like writing compelling content, scheduling social media posts, personalizing marketing messages, analyzing data, identifying trends, and creating high-quality visuals.

Are these AI marketing tools free?

Many AI marking tools are free but you will get limited options and features. You can use free plans with limited features. Paid plans typically offer more functionality and scale based on usage. It is important to consider your budget and marketing needs when making your choice.

What are some of the challenges of using AI marketing tools?

AI is powerful but it is still under development. Some tools may require human oversight to ensure accuracy and maintain brand voice. In the same way, it is necessary to choose to prioritize data security and responsible AI practices.

Are AI marketing tools going to take my job?

AI is more likely to increase your marketing capabilities rather than replace them. These AI tools can handle repetitive tasks like content creation, social media scheduling, data analysis and so on.


The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. In the same way, AI is rapidly transforming the way we approach campaigns. By utilizing these AI marketing tools from the above list, You can streamline workflows, as well as able to achieve remarkable results.

It is necessary to remember that the best AI tool depends on your specific needs and requirements. You can use and explore differents tools, use free as well as paid versions, and see which one helps you to create high-performing marketing initiatives.

If you know more tools like these AI digital marketing tools don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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